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Mobile Healthcare Association -
Native American National Coalition of Mobile Health Clinics - Introduction

The goal of the Mobile Healthcare Association - Native American National Coalition of Mobile Health Clinics is to build a nationwide network of like minded individuals working toward improvement of health and increased access to health care for Native American communities. As with all mobile medical programs, we are helping to bridge the gap of health disparities and access to health care.

Why a Native American National Coalition?

This coalition was formed by Mobile Healthcare Association in part to help address the special challenges that are presented while delivering health care to Native Americans in a mobile clinic. Some of these challenges include: limited fiscal resources, lack of electricity and running water, minimal-to-no transportation, remote housing and communities, language and cultural barriers, and unimproved roads for travel.

Future Plans for the Native American National Coalition

This special interest group is in its infancy and is making plans to host educational webinars and an annual meeting to address creative problem solving where we can teach and support one another. As this coalition begins its journey as a new resource, we invite ideas and suggestions on future growth from our members. Here is a list of some areas we would like to focus on to support our members:

Networking Opportunities

"The Tuba City Community Health Center Mobile Program is a new program serving the Western Navajo Nation. We had to start our mobile program from the ground up with no help from outside resources to contact—it was a tough journey. There are so many struggles in forming/running a mobile program. I want to learn from other programs and be a resource to help others in their journey". Trish Bartholomew

Want to be an active participant of the Native American National Coalition? Or discuss our goals and plans for the future? Contact:

Native American Coalition Coordinators

Jenine Blondeu
Assistant Dental Director

  Roselyn Riggs, BSB/M
Manager, Mobile Health Program
Tuba City Regional Healthcare Center
Tuba City, AZ
Winslow Indian Health
Care Center

Winslow, AZ
Cell: (928) 289-6116


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