Mobile Health Clinics Association

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Annual Dues: $245.00

Membership Benefits

  • Mobile Health Networking...
    • Member/program profiles
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)...
    • Emergency response
    • Regional Coalitions
    • Conference Development
    • Program Advocacy
  • News Forum...
    • Current alerts & news briefs
  • Newsletter...
    • MHCA news alerts
  • Management Resources...
    • Funding opportunities
    • Publications/articles of interest
  • Calendar of Meetings
  • Purchasing Discounts...
    • Annual Forum registration
    • Educational material
    • Management tools
  • Access to Member's Only section of MHCA site
  • Program Development & Operations Assistance
  • Member Communications..
    • Networking coordination
      Regional Coalitions
  • Annual Forum...
    • Registration group discounts
    • Program proceedings
    • Speaking opportunities
  • Community Relations...
    • Your organization press releases/announcements on MHCA website
  • Your Organization Listing On
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Corporate Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits PLUS...

  • Complimentary membership for key staff personnel
  • Complimentary membership for customers
  • Corporate listing (hot-linked) on MHCA website
  • Corporate profile on MHCA website
  • Annual Forum...
    • Exhibit discounts
    • Complimentary registration
    • Program sponsorships
  • Exclusive sponsorships of MHCA project initiatives

Corporate Leadership Circle

Above benefits plus other exclusive opportunities

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Annual Dues: $45.00
Student Membership Benefits

  • As listed above
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