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Welcome to the Mobile Healthcare Association dedicated website section for the Mobile Mammography SIG. Written by long-experienced mobile mammography managers, this content is designed with organizations in mind that are planning to launch a new mobile mammography program. Although not all programs are administered the same, general information has been provided to assist new (and current) programs. The content will be expanded over the next few months.

 Click Here for a list of Mobile Mammography co-ordinators and participating organizations.


Mammography is considered to be one of the most effective ways for early detection of breast cancer. Why do so many women not get a mammogram? Could it be due to lack of access, insurance or fear? What can be done to turn this around? Mobile mammography supplies a less time consuming and convenient access to screening.

High risk populations, the poor and those in rural areas, are both most needy and least likely to have access to healthcare. We can change the vision of healthcare with the use of mobile health services. A mobile screening program supports education, prevention and research through a public health approach. It provides high-quality service to the community and supports the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant. The mobile clinic you operate can create access to your medical center services and programs. It can be an vital solution to health disparities by linking multidisciplinary services to improve the wellbeing of the population you serve. And, the mobile clinic can also be viewed as a marketing tool for the facility and community partnerships with whom you are affiliated.

• Why Mobile Mammography – our services make it possible to reach many women who are not receiving mammograms on a regular basis. By taking screening services to them, you are helping to ensure that women are receiving this vital part of their overall breast health. Mobile mammography can be especially helpful in serving women in rural areas where transportation may be a problem as well as schools and businesses where women are limited to time away from their employment.

• Basic information on grants – many programs are funded by well-known grantors including: Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Avon Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast & Cervical Cancer Programs, Safeway, Breast Cancer Relief Fund, as well as local hospital foundations. This list will be expanded as we receive input from Mobile Healthcare Association membership.

• How Mobile Healthcare Association can be of assistance – our association has a proven history of providing resources, information and assistance essential to keeping any kind of mobile health clinic on the road servicing patients. The association can connect your organization with others who are already in the field to provide answers to the many questions you may have in starting and operating a mobile mammography program.

Considerations for Operating a Mobile Mammography Program

Mobile healthcare is one of the fastest growing methods for reaching underserved and/or uninsured populations. For organizations that are thinking of starting a mobile mammography screening program, following are some of the most vital issues to consider:

   •  Budget  
Fixed Site Support
Implementation – Community Cancer Screening

Evaluation of Intended Target Areas

Who Will Read Imaging Films? - there are two common practices:

Processing Claims for Insurance  
Program Sustainability
Data Collection