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Today, medical and dental healthcare providers are turning increasingly to the adoption of mobile medical and dental clinics to expand their community outreach in both rural areas and urban centers. Providers are attracted to the flexibility and efficiency of the mobile clinic for delivering vital healthcare services, especially for underserved populations. And, the advancement of tele-medicine and tele-dentistry technology, bridging the gap between the mobile clinic and a fixed-site, has made timely patient-professional consultation more attainable.

As a nationwide, membership-based (501C3 non-profit) Association, Mobile Healthcare Association is a valuable resource to healthcare providers for enhancing their knowledge of mobile healthcare, leadership skills, and networking alliances.

The goal of the Mobile Healthcare Association is to build a foundation that is dedicated to advocacy on behalf of Mobile Healthcare providers, pursues the development and distribution of meaningful educational tools, and facilitates communication among Mobile Healthcare providers nationwide. Our resolve is to explore innovative strategic initiatives, acknowledge outstanding Mobile Healthcare leadership, and collaborate with compelling, creative program models that complement our mission and vision for the Mobile Healthcare sector.

We are immensely grateful to our members, healthcare partners, and corporate affiliates who support and contribute to our ongoing efforts.