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September            Phoenix
16-19, 2017           Arizona



Seventh Annual

Integrating Established Practices & New Technology in the Mobile Clinic Environment


October 1 - 4, 2011
Palm Springs, CA - Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center

Forum Objectives

Whether an organization currently operates a Mobile Health clinic or is planning to launch a new community mobile outreach program, the Forum curriculum is designed to enhance administrative skills and expand knowledge-base to ensure effective and sustainable Mobile Healthcare services. Healthcare practitioners and administrators will share their insights and invaluable expertise on a broad range of topics reflecting the general theme. The Forum is an extraordinary educational and networking opportunity for mobile health specialists to meet over 200 professional colleagues nationwide that serve in the mobile clinic environment and to develop long-term resources. The Forum promotes knowledge, networking, and leadership - integrated to ensure a productive and inspiring experience for attendees in presentation-style sessions and interactive roundtable peer discussions. General and breakout session speakers offer in-depth presentations in dedicated discipline tracks around: mammography, oral healthcare, preventative care, and primary and/or specialty care.

Key Forum Topics To Be Addressed

This year's Forum will focus on four key issues related to the Forum theme and the general operations of a Mobile Health program. These topics will be addressed by speakers in both General Sessions and Breakout Sessions. All sessions will include time for Q&A and interaction among attendees. In addition to the organized sessions, informal Roundtable peer discussions will also address the four key topics as well as other topics related to program operations.

Speakers are requested to select and address one of the four key topics below. Presentations should include reference to their program and other community mobile programs nationwide as best-practice examples. Within each topic, speakers can select one or more of the Sub-Topics to address.

1. Health Information Exchange and Patient Management

This session will focus on the most vital issues related to enhancing the efficiency and outcomes of a successful mobile health medical or dental clinic. Expain best-practice policies and procedures required to initiate and operate a mobile clinic and meet standards of care.

2. Advanced Technology

This session will focus on innovative applications of technology in the mobile health environment. Explain how the use of state-of-the-art technology (equipment and/or software) enhances program productivity and measured outcomes.

3. Vehicle Clinic Design

This session will focus on the considerations for designing, building and managing vehicle operations (for a specialty health (medical, dental, mammography) clinic. Explain vehicle design options, regulatory/license requirements and operating procedures.

4. Program Advocacy: Its Definition, Implementation & Impact on Public Policy

This session will focus on political advocacy and public partnerships. Explain the value and how-to of building program awareness among healthcare policy-makers (on a federal, state and local level) and building the political will in support of your program and mobile healthcare nationwide.

Other key topics: The Forum will consider other topics compelling to mobile healthcare programs that reflect the Forum theme. Organizations are encouraged to submit abstracts that address topics that are particularly relevant to managing a mobile dental clinic, mobile mammography services, or a mobile program focused on a single medical disciplines of service (i.e., diabetes, eyecare, or asthma).